Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kuil Sri Maha Karumariamman (Taman Kajang Utama), Kajang 2

Kuil Sri Maha Karumariamman (Taman Kajang Utama)

1. The Sri Maha Karumariamman Temple is located in what used to be Paradise Estate, a rubber plantation in Kajang, a town South of Kuala Lumpur. It is 2.5km from the Kajang town centre and is accessible via the SILK Highway and Jalan Reko throughout Taman Kajang Utama and Bandar Kajang 2. 
2. The Temple is part of Indian-Hindu community in the former rubber plantation (originally planted with coffee) known as Paradise Estate, Kajang since year 1906/1907. The estate once owned by The Carey United Rubber Co. Ltd.

3. The Temple is currently managed by the Temple Committee of Persatuan Penganut Hindu Sri Maha Karumariamman, Kajang, Selangor (No. Pendaftaran: PPM-006-10-10072015).

4. The Temple was initially faced with eviction and had gone through relocation processes due to acquisition of all 273 acres of prime freehold land (Paradise Estate) by Metro Kajang Holdings Bhd on May 5, 2008 for the development of township known as Bandar Kajang 2. 

5. The undated Notice of Eviction was served by lawyer Messrs. Khaled Mutang Chan & Lim whom acting for the developer Everland Asia Development Sdn Bhd (A subsidiary of Metro Kajang Holdings Bhd).

6. As a result of negotiations assumed between parties, the developer by virtue of letter dated March 10, 2010 had proposed for the relocation of the Temple from Site A (original site) to Site B (current site). 

7. Subsequent to that, the developer vide letter dated July 20, 2011 had granted their non-objection in view of the Temple relocation from Site A to Site B with an arrangement/allocation of 0.25 acre land size at the said Site B for the Temple building. 

8. The developer had also confirmed vide letter dated June 26, 2015 that the local authority Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj) had approved the application for planning permission of Kajang 2 project together with allocation of 0.25 acre for Temple building.

9. However, upon realising that there are large Indian-Hindu population occupied at the Temple surroundings and also considering many other issues the Temple Committee is now appealing to the developer, local authority MPKj and Selangor State Government for allocation/approval of land sized more than 0.25 acre which is not less than 1 acre. 

10. At this juncture, the Temple Committee is hoping for moral support, assistance, co-operation and financial support among Hindu residents of Kajang more specifically from Taman Kajang Utama, Taman Bukit Mewah, Bandar Kajang 2 and other adjacent neighbourhoods to enable the Temple Committee to carry out the maintenance and construction of new Temple building.

11. It is also believed that, once the Temple constructions are fully completed it will benefit almost 2,500 Hindus especially those living in Kajang to perform their religious beliefs and activities.

12. For any enquiries, supports and further information kindly contact Mr. S.Kathirvelu (Chairman) @ 016-3829 736 or e-mail to

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